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70,000+ burglaries are reported each year in New Zealand.

Of these burglaries:

  • 66% occur via windows.
  • 33% occur via doors.

Most of these occur through an amateur burglar who takes advantage of an easy opportunity. Such as open window or lack of suitable security hardware.

So it is important to add appropriate levels of security to deter burglaries. In addition to existing alarm systems, or security lights the following hardware options are available from Aluminium Window Services (check out our product catalogue ).

  • Quality locks on doors including deadlocks.
  • Patio bolts on sliding or swing doors, preventing doors being lifted out or forced open.
  • Window locks (patio bolts) to prevent easy entry.
  • Security stays on windows to allow windows to be open but not enough for entry.

Contact us to discuss you security options for doors and windows.