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Aluminum joinery is designed to look good and last - with a little care and cleaning your Aluminum joinery will last many years.

Airborne salts along with dirt can all accumulate over time, and this mixed with moisture in the air can start to cause corrosion. So regular cleaning once every 12 months or more frequently, if near beach fronts, geothermal areas should be carried out to remove the build up and maintain the condition of your joinery.

For anodised surfaces, with light dirt accumulation, clean with water and a mild house hold detergent. For tougher stains or light marks, gentle rubbing with scotch brite pads will generally do the trick.

- Regular cleaning is essential if the finish of anodised aluminium is to be preserved over a long period
- Cleaning the anodised aluminium should be washed down with warm water and mild soap solution
- Acid or alkali cleaners should not be used, as these may discolour joinery
- Where grease deposits, clean the anodising with a soft cloth dipped in white spirit or turpentine then wipe dry
- It is essential to rinse thoroughly after cleaning

In general the following programme is recommended:
- Rural: Every six months / Urban: Every three months
- Industrial & Seaside (within 1 km): Six monthly warm water detergent wash and monthly cold water washing
- What to do about paint splashes: Waterbased paints allow cleaning with water - using solvents may put joinery at risk

Note: All Solvents must be kept from contact with the vinyl glazing gasket materials

For powder coated surfaces, use a soft brush or damp cloth. A mild cutting compound as available from AWS can be used very carefully to restore the surface. Ensuring surface is throughly rinsed afterwards to remove compound.

- To maintain your powdercoated aluminium windows, each window and door unit needs regular washing all over
- Unless close to the seaside or near an industrial area, washing windows every three months should be sufficient
- Use a diluted solution of mild liquid detergent
- Be sure to rinse off the window and dry the glass to avoid any marks developing
- What to do about paint splashes: Waterbased paints allow cleaning with water - using solvents may put joinery at risk
- Refurbishing powdercoated products: Polish with a high quality automotive cream in accordance with the polish manufacturer’s instructions. This will both clean and protect the surface. Avoid polishes which also contain cutting compounds, unless the surface is extremely weathered

WARNING: Never use any other kind of solvent cleaner as it could damage the powdercoating or cause it to deteriorate and age rapidly

Do not use:

  • Strong solvent cleaners.
  • Abrasive pads such as steel wool, scrapers or scouring liquids.
  • Petrol chemical liquids.

We have touch-up paint for repairing powder-coated joinery.

  • 15ml.container with applicator brush
  • Standard colours
  • Special colours - quoted
  • Also in spray cans

If you have any questions please contact us.