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Carrying out a little maintenance will ensure your hardware products stay in good condition and last many years.

Lock sets

Dust and dirt can build upon a lock set, to maintain lock sets clean with mild soapy water. Spray lubricants  can be sprayed into locks and on the keys to lubricate cylinder and free up locks which might be harder to turn.


Clean with mild soapy water and dry off. To lubricate use a spray lubricant when required.

Friction Stays

Be careful if using lubricants as some times it can make the stays go loose. If security stays are fitted, it is wise to release them regularly & open the windows fully to stop the stays seizing up.


Clear roller tracks removing any dirt, sand or dust. Clean with mild soapy water. If roller bearings seem to be stiff use a "dry" silicone spray. Don't use wet lubricants or grease as they hold dirt & grit which wears out the bearings or stops the roller turning.


Clean with mild soapy water and dry off. When latches become stiff use a light spray lubricant and open and close latch until it frees up.