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Trimline Louvres

A set of Cooper Louvres consists of two aluminium mullions with attached operating mechanism and channels for holding the glass blades. These mullions are not joined together in any way and therefore can be spaced to fit any width opening with the maximum recommended of 762mm.
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    Benefits and Features of Trimline Louvres

    • Suitable for Hotels, Motels, Factories, Offices, Schools, Shops and Homes.

    • Cyclone tested by the James Cook Cyclone Structural Testing Station, Townsville, Australia to wind load code AS1170.2 1989

    • The ultimate in controlled ventilation with a combined locking and operating handle. Pivots are specially treated to give smooth control. It is recommended that a spot of light oil be placed on each pivot periodically. The plastic tipped handle ensures comfortable and firm control. Left hand control is standard.

    • Manufactured from anodised aluminium extrusions, lightweight and available in natural anodised finish, as standard.

    • Fitted with a patented security stop which prevents glass being removed when the louvre is locked in position. Glass blades are not supplied with the louvre fittings but are stocked by glass merchants in various types.

    Overall Height
     # of Blades mm
     2 304
     3 444
    4 584


    6 863
     7 1003
     8 1143
     9 1283
     10 1422
    Extension  unit 838
    With openings above 1702mm high it is necessary to stack sets of louvres on top of each other. To do this a specially modified 6 Blade louvre is available called a ‘6 Blade Extension Unit’. This can be used in conjunction with all the above sizes

    Installation Instructions

    • Before installing the louvre fittings, make sure the frame is square and true throughout. Failure to observe this fundamental instruction will cause the louvres to be stiff in operation and could result in air and water leakage.

    • When screwing the louvre mullions to the side frame ensure that they are exactly parallel and opposite each other. Providing the frame is plumb in all directions this may be done easily by scribing a guide line down either jamb at equal distance from the outer face.

    • Ease back the glass retaining clips and then insert the glass blade. When this is fully home the clip must be bent over the top edge to retain the blade in its correct position.

    • The louvre must be in the locked position when fitting the sillboard at the bottom and the cover bead at the top. These should be brought up to but NOT pushing against the glass. This will ensure the weather-proof seal between the blades is maintained. This is most important as most complaints concerning faulty operation of the louvre are due to incorrect positioning of the sill-board or cover bead forcing against the glass preventing the blades sealing correctly.