ASL Plastic Carriage - Deluxe Style

Fairview Plastic Carriage with Wheel.
Product code: C2W18B
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NZ $ 34.50

    Used on Fairview and Nulook sliding doors

    Deluxe Style - Dual Wheels

    Engineered polymer outer carriage

    Dimensions :

    • Length : 133mm (not including the affixing point length)
    • Depth : 32mm
    • Width : 8mm
      refer to the Image Gallery for the dimensions.

    Features :

    • Suits Aluminium and UPVC sliding doors

    • Fully adjustable carriage gives 10mm height adjustment

    • Outer carriage and internal assembly manufactured to withstand corrosive environments

    • High performance roller with “ZZ” bearing and dust seal

    • ZZ bearing with ground precision for corrosion free operation

    • Passivated metal inner carriage

    • Stainless steel adjusting screw and nut

    • Recomended for sliding doors up to 100kg